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During the day, you will have the opportunity to participate in two different workshops from the 10 listed below. Please read over the descriptions and then click on the link to make your choices*.

*Since this is a first time event, we are still trying to figure everything out. We are trying to ensure everyone gets into at least 1 of their preferred workshops.

Download a PDF list of the workshops.

*Please note that you will be taken to a Google form.

Workshop 1 - Prayer is essential to life!

It’s how we connect with God. How do we encourage prayer? How do you start and grow a prayer group? What great resources can you share?  Can we pray with and for one another? Where could we gather for prayer outside of Church buildings?  

Workshop 2 - Jesus said “Come and See”.

What do people see when they come to our Parish?

Do we see and connect with visitors and new parishioners? Does the spirit of joy abound?  Are there opportunities to socialize? to serve? to grow in faith? How will they know? What has your parish tried successfully? How do we approach staff and clergy with suggestions?

Workshop 3 - Out-reach!

How do outsiders know about our events, programs, Mass times? Do we connect with the neighbourhood? Are we visible? Do we invite them in for events? And how? Are they welcomed?  What kind of events might draw them in? What opportunities are we missing? Share efforts that have born fruit, here or elsewhere.

Workshop 4 - Sacramental Preparation

The secret is in the team preparation, the environment, friendships and the follow-up plans. The program is the core but we need much more to help people feel they belong and stay engaged! We want these families to stay and grow in their faith. Share best practices from what you’ve experienced. How can you help in your parish to make it happen?

Workshop 5 - How do men grow in their faith?
(for men only)

What are you looking for?  How can men be drawn in and involved? What does a comfortable group for men, look like to you? What may be turning men off? Do you know of successful groups elsewhere and how they worked? Where do you start?

Workshop 6 - The sick and the lonely need us.

Do we notice the people who are sad, depressed and alone? How do we support each other? Who are the sick, the lonely and the shut-ins? How do you know? What are their needs? What would a Parish Visiting Team look like?  Ask for a meeting with your pastor and offer to help make this happen!  What have you tried?

Workshop 7 - What do Catholics believe? 

How do we grow in our faith? With a group of friends, make a list of questions and work through them. The answers are out there on some excellent websites, podcasts and books and most especially the Old and New Testament, as well as the Catechism.  Share your best resources!  What size group works well? How can you recognize a good resource from a sketchy one?

Workshop 8 - More than a program! 

Alpha, The Chosen and others are enhanced by a warm welcome, quality sound and time for sharing. What comes next? How can you encourage connect groups or prayer groups. What resources can you recommend? How can they be involved as helpers or leaders? Don’t miss the opportunity to help them take the next step.

Workshop 9 - Instill the faith in your children.
(for participants with children)

How do you share your values?  Are there friend groups for them and for you. Where are the resources you need? How do they engage in the Mass? What about Home Schooling?  Share your thoughts and resources.

Workshop 10 - How do we encounter God through music?

What’s your favorite faith song?  What types of music/ songs do you turn to in your prayer time?  How have you experienced the Lord through music?  For you, what’s the difference between a song leader and a worship leader? How can we lead people to encounter the Lord through music?

*Please note that you will be taken to a Google form.
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